Restaurant Fight Breaks Out After Customer Claims He Found A Mouse In Rice


A man who ordered take-out Chinese for supper got a true surprise when he opened his box of fried rice, and then ended up in the slammer.

China Xpress kitchen; Photo by: Stamford Advocate

Antwaun Boyd, 25, who earlier this week ordered food from China Xpress, was arrested by Stamford Police Thursday after purportedly finding a fried mouse in his rice prior to punching one of the restaurant’s employees, Sgt. Robert Shawinsky said.

The loopy story started after Boyd and his grandmother said they unsealed the fried rice and dumped it out only to discover a fried mouse mixed in with the rice, police stated.

Astonished, and irate, Boyd and his grandmother went to the restaurant on Selleck Street to complain and return the rice, Shawinsky said.

Antwaun Boyd punched Wei Hou, a China Xpress employee; Photo by: Register Citizen

According to what Boyd said to police, the employee analyzed the rice and removed the mouse to demonstrate there was no rodent inside the carton. A fight then ensued between restaurant employees and Boyd who was joined by several acquaintances, police spoke.

Wei Hou, 35, a manager and cashier and manager at China Xpress, alleges he suffered a broken nose and broken collarbone and required stitches. Hou said he intends to contact a lawyer about a potential lawsuit against Boyd.

”Not only are we being assaulted, but at the same time, we’re being slandered by something that’s not true,” said Hou, who opened China Xpress with his brother rougly 8 years ago.

“This is going to cause a lot of damage to our business. We’ve been serving the neighborhood over eight years. It’s devastating seeing my wife come to the hospital and seeing me beat up. I have two kids I need a job for. Now I have to be off for the next couple of months.”

China Xpress’ ServSafe certification; Photo by: Middletown Press

Police said Boyd slugged Hou in the face, triggering other kitchen employees to join the brawl and strike the men with spoons.

Boyd and his buddies fled the scene, leaving his grandmother at the restaurant where the cops said an employee hit her with a wooden spoon.

Police said charges are pending against the employee who assaulted Boyd’s grandmother. Boyd’s grandmother and Hou were transported to Stamford Hospital.

”There was blood all over,” said Hou. “You don’t want stuff like that to happen. I want justice.”


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