These Screenshots Make You Feel The Fail


We’re all too uncomfortably familiar with the feeling of what it’s like to fail. It really doesn’t help it any when even our screens remind us.

Screenshots of Despair is a cheeky Tumblr that features screenshot captures and clips of the little things that just bite about our day-to-day lives.

You’ve barely gotten out of bed, and your alarm clock already reminds you about how much you hate Mondays. And it’s still just 11:00pm Sunday.

Hey, maybe it’s not so bad; maybe you got some fun plans set for the day. Oh wait —

Err, ooookay, how about I call up Mom and Dad for —

Eeergh, okay, fine. It’s about time you started getting ready for work, anyway. Look in the mirror in the morning; how do you feel?

Yeah, exactly.

GPOY. Total fail.

You feel as if you’ve risen from the grave — or worse, You really need that cup of coffee, NOW.

You’re finally in the office. You’re coworker crush swings by and asks how your Valentines’ was, all the while getting all aglow about her date with her insanely handsome bae. You nod and say how happy you are for her, ignorng the sound of your heart getting ripped to shreds.

“Dear Life, can I please just have someone to love me? …. No? Okay.”

You feel as if you just aren’t… special enough.

You do try, though. And HOW.

After crush say goodbye, your annoying coworker drops by your cubicle and yammers on about his new sweet ride and his other braggable things. This guy just doesn’t know when to quit.

You get home after a terrible Monday. You find yourself asking the tougher questions.

Hey, that does sound like an interesting option.

Right now, Life is a souffle — it’s fallen, and it can’t get up.

Maybe if you lie still in bed, it’ll all just go way soon.

And just when you think you fail at life, a wet nose touches your hand, or a soft, familiar weight settles besides you and purrs. Hey, maybe Life isn’t so bad with that one friend.


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Kokou Adzo

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