These Are The Four Most Hilarious Donald Trump Video Spoofs

These are the four very best Donald Trump video spoofs.

Donald Trump video spoofs are actually a pretty old idea, these videos have been coming out for a while now. But as The Donald (because I guess that’s what we’re calling him now), gets more racist and ridiculous, the material for these videos just keeps on growing.

The most recent video to make headlines was Saturday Night Live‘s “Racists for Trump” video. They released the video just four months after he hosted the show, and a lot of people are calling the move hypocritical. But hypocrisy or not, the hilarious clip quickly went viral on social media.

Trump has been unbelievably silent on Twitter about the “Racists for Trump” video. This is just one of the many cases in which the internet has showed how much it doesn’t really like him.



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