The World is Ending: KFC Has Ran Out of Chicken


Oh KFC, KFSAY it ain’t so!

Okay, the title to this article may have been a tad bit misleading (the world ending part, at least), but I love me some dead bird rolled in those eleven magical herbs and spices and then deep fried by the Colonel, so to me, this is some end of the world news, but to most of you, this will probably be the LEAST upsetting news you hear all day.

Long story made REALLY short, quite a few KFC restaurants in the U.K have run out of chicken.

Yes, a place that’s sole purpose is to sell deep fried bird ran out of bird to deep fry because they had some problems with some new delivery partners. I imagine people are rioting and many, many people have died as a result of this, but my editor is insisting I don’t include this or I will lose my job.

Here, quick, watch this tryhard commercial to distract yourself from me being fired real quick:

But how is he old AND young looking at the same time. Oh, he’s played by a woman! It’s 2018, people. Deal with it!

Anyway, no one is actually rioting, but this felt like a really nice break from all the gun and Trump news that has inundated us all in the last few days. More details for the three of you who want them:

“The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants,” KFC’s United Kingdom and Ireland outfit said on Twitter.

Wow, I am actually ashamed to have shared that quote. That was just….wow. Just wow, people. Now someone pass me a breast. And some fried chicken if you have the chance, too.

Side note: I really hope I still have a job after this article.


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