‘The Washington Post’ Starts Selling Ads In Its Comments Section

The Washington Post Comments Ads

It’s easy to forget that the comments section on many websites is a social gathering ground for readers. In fact a popular portal such as The Washington Post can often allow for social conversations to develop with multiple points of view.

Realizing the engagement that often arrives via its users comments the team at The Washington Post has rolled out in-line comment advertising.

Called “Sponsored Views,” the new ad unit allows advertisers to post and spotlight their responses to opinion columns.

The comments don’t attempt to become a “native” option for articles but rather they are shown in their own space that is defined by a yellow background.

The ad space should allow advertisers to better engage with users by contextually targeting users based on the social conversation created by the opinion based articles.

Here is an example of Sponsored Views being used by the team at CTIA:

Sponsored Views at The Washington Post

According to The Post the new ad type is meant to be used for advocacy, communications and government affairs professionals who want to put their messages “in front of key constituents.”

Advertising with Sponsored Views starts at $500 per article and pricing is based on duration and publication date. Some ads can cost thousands of dollars.

The ads can run up to 600 characters and each add requires approval from a staff member at The Washington Post.

Do you think comment highlighted ads will offer advertisers with a new and exciting platform for advocacy?



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