The Toblorange is a 2016 Chocolate Miracle


This 2016, get yourself ready for some Toblorange lovin’.

2015 gave us healthier, tastier chocolate, and the heavens opened, and choirs of angels swooped down and serenaded us with blessings of deliciousness.

And then in a sweep of unparalleled genius, Twitter user James Hannah unleashed his newest masterpiece onto the world: The Toblorange.

It was a combination of the Toblerone, the world’s favorite geometric chocolate treat, and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. See how perfectly those orange wedges fit into the valleys of the Toblerone. Truly, this was a marriage that was meant to be.


As if that wasn’t enough goodness, James released this creation copyright-free. In his words, “It’s the morally right thing to do.”

He even throws in his recommended eating technique. What a guy.

His groundbreaking invention did not go unnoticed, and Toblerome came forward to give him their thumbs up.

It’s official: all this up-close, intense Toblorange action is getting is hot and bothered.

Even the Brits have stopped watching the momentous growth of a puddle to pay homage to this timely treat.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, specially WHEN YOU EAT TOO MUCH OF THE TOBLORANGE IN ONE FELL SWOOP.

so please, folks, a word of advice: approach and partake of the Toblorange in moderation. Our bodies can handle only so much deliciousness.



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