The Simplest iPhone Stand Ever By FineGrain Aims For CrowdFunding Support On Kickstarter

FineGrain (A well known company that produces simple and organic stands for electronic devices), is back with the COBURN Jr. This iPhone stand can be seen as the official follow up to the company’s previously highly successful product, the COBURNS iPad Stand.

Both products were created and designed by the designers to be compact, versatile, and beautiful. The new COBURN Jr stand offers a minimalistic and simple look which perfectly compliments the iPhone’s clean and sharp appearance.

Amazingly, the COBURN Jr is just a single wooden slat with a groove cut for your iPhone to sit in. Although this is an extremely simple piece of equipment, the stand has proved to be super versatile and in fact, you can virtually set your iPhone into any angle, in either portrait or landscape mode.

COBURNS JR. Landscape

The COBURN Jr. will be available in two colors -cherry and walnut- and will be released in two different models. The first model is the “Cased” version which allows an iPhone with a case up to 0.4″ fit into the stand. The second model is the “Uncased” version which is for an iPhone without a case.

The stand itself is so simple yet so innovative as it is so small and easy to carry around. It is a stand that one can pull out anytime he or she wants to and does not have to deal with any excess bulk on your device.

Finally, although the stand is not yet being produced, the company has launched a Kickstarter page ( ) with a modest goal of only $2,000 where you can go and support the company and the product.

Kevin Park

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