The Sickest Trump Burns of 2015 Online


Some people just want to see Donald Trump burn. Hence, the burns.

True, Donald Trump just might be the healthiest president ever, but this year hasn’t been very wholesome to his social media health. Let’s face it: Donald Trump has become the Internet’s favorite person to pick on, but that’s mostly because he just makes it waaay too easy.

So let’s moonwalk back through Twitter, and other social media platforms to check out the sickest burns on Donald Trump for 2015.

So which one is worse? this one:

Or this one?

Or maybe this one?

The answer may have been staring us in the face all this time!

You’re not running away from this, FOX.

Not sure, but we’re sure as heck we don’t want to be anywhere near any of them.

*GASP!* Oh, Donald! You don’t say?! *sarcasm*

Oh, Melania, we feel for you.

See kids? This is why you need to eat your veggies.

Even J. K. Rowling was appalled when BBC had the gall to compare Trump to Voldemort. She certainly rushed to the defense of our favorite evil noseless wizard, as was the decent thing to do.

Even “Ron” called for a hunt of the horcruxes once more.

And then there was that time Harrison ford just gave Donald Trump a reality check. When even Han Solo has to shake some sensibility back into you, you know what’s down.

Reddit, not to be outdone, has photoshopped Trump’s face onto a number of Calvin and Hobbes strips to poke fun at American politics —  and of course, Trump himself. The page itself is called Donald and Hobbes. Bill Watterson must be proud.

So, Internet, have we seen the last of these? My senses tell me not quite yet.

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