The Pokemon GO App Store Reviews Are Anything But Good

pokemon go app store reviews

Although Pokemon GO has swept the nation, a lot of people are criticizing the app pretty heavily. Nowhere are the negative views of the viral video game more evident than on the app store. In fact the Pokemon GO app store reviews make it seem like the game has been a plague to society. It currently has about one and a half stars on the App store. That’s less than Baby Burp, which is just an app that gives you a picture of a burping baby.

pokemon go app store reviews

Some of the reviews actually raised legitimate concerns, like this one reviewer who stated that they can’t play it from their wheelchair.
pokemon go app store reviews
The game has broken multiple records since its release, including the most downloads in the first week of launch. But with that title came the problems. The servers were constantly crashing and people were seeing the error screen far more than they were seeing actual Pokemon. There were upset Pokemon fans in Japan where the game has only just been released, despite the fact that it is a Japanese game.

pokemon go app store reviews

Of course, not all of the reviews are quite so insightful.
pokemon go app store reviews

This player is certainly going to have some trouble.
pokemon go app store reviews

Multiple sources are saying downloads of the app have seen a noticeable decline which is likely due in large part to the discontent that people are voicing on the app store and just about everywhere else. I seem to hear about five people each day complaining about the incessant crashes and there are also a lot of people complaining about the game being so limited in scope. I mean, we can’t battle wild Pokemon, we can’t trade and we can’t battle each other. In reality, all we’re doing while playing is running around chasing imaginary creatures? I’d much rather go on an actual safari.

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