The Monkey Mafia: They Steal Your Sh*t Then Make You Buy it Back (For Food)

Better grab something or make sure you are sitting down when you read this because this is one of those “no way” type of news stories, but as a celebrated journalist (in my own head, at least), I can tell you, this has been 100% verified. So much so, that I can report it as actual news. To sum it up, read above headline. Monkeys in Indonesia have formed a sort of Mafia and steal people’s stuff, only to make them give them (of all things) a cracker to get their stuff back. Pretty genius, actually.

It is just the kind of thing that needs to be seen to be believed! I will spare you the lengthy written monologue about a story that essentially tells itself via its title.

So there you have it. And wait, there’s more!


What the hell did I just watch? I am pretty sure the above video is not at all related, but damn if that monkey doesn’t fit all the requirements for the above mentioned monkey mafia. Hell, he even has a posse’.

Feels like we are only a few years away from this movie being a documentary at this point:


So remember, if you travel to exotic locals like Indonesia, don’t worry about the humans. It is the monkeys that will steal your shit and really f*ck with you. But in the end, a cracker i s a small price to pay to get your belongings back and it makes for one helluva vacation story when you get home!

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