The Men Of ‘Full House’ Help Jimmy Fallon, Post Reddit AMA

Full House Reddit AMA

The men of Full House have been busy this week as they gear up for the debut of their Dannon Oikos Super Bowl commercial Sunday (FYI, the commercial is already out on YouTube). The trio of Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday morning, then hung out with Jimmy Fallon in the evening, where they helped him get rid of his fears about the transition from Late Night to the Tonight Show.

Finally, if that wasn’t enough, the trio also sat down for a reddit AMA, where they answered questions ranging from their favorite episode on Full House and their favorite memories of the show to how Stamos stays “so handsome and young looking.”

The Bromance brothers began Wednesday’s busy day on the set of GMA, where they were photobombed by Rihanna.

John Stamos then pulled down his pants on live TV, much to the enjoyment of the women in the broadcast (and at home), just to prove he will do anything to represent a brand, including wearing boxers with pictures of yogurt on them. As the GMA anchors explained after, the moment was definitely unplanned.

Next, Jimmy Fallon brought in the trio, dressed as Danny Tanner, Jesse Katsopolis, and Joey Gladstone, to help sing away his blues about leaving Late Night. Along with singing “The Teddy Bear” song, the trio also reenacted some of their signature lines from Full House, must to the delight of Fallon and the audience.

Finally, the trio sat down for a reddit AMA to talk with fans about what life was like during Full House (fun), the pranks that were played (Dave pretending to be an audience member), and whether they are like the characters they used to play (yes). Here are five of our favorite things from the AMA.

No. 1 – They Are Exactly The Same IRL

Full House Actors Alike

Considering Bob Saget’s stand-up comedy, warped is definitely a good way of putting it. Either way, it’s nice to know the guys are still at least somewhat like they were in the show.

No. 2 – Dave Coulier’s Underpants Are Probably Still In The Rafters

Dave Coulier Underwear Full House

Coulier’s underpants are probably still in the rafters at the set, unless someone actually decided it was sanitary to touch them …

No. 3 – Reddit Is Cool, Guys

Full House Reddit Is Cool

Like, super cool.

No. 4 – John Stamos Won’t Give Up His Aging Secret

John Stamon On Aging Well

Uncle Jesse is tight-lipped about how he looks so good. While we’re skeptical the actor actually lives in a freezer, we’re sure, given his choice of underwear, that he’s telling the truth about the rest.

No. 5 – Acting Out Full House IRL

Full House Acting IRL

To be fair, anyone listening to that conversation would probably pee themselves.

After the guys finished answering the questions they could get to, they posted the following update:

“Speaking for all of us, we are just SO appreciative that people still remember us and keep Full House in their hearts and we are very grateful that it seems like every 4 years a new Full House fan is born. We’ve really grown to appreciate what that show is about, how it makes people laugh and smile during hard times. We want to thank you all for being so loyal, and we hope you enjoy our spot on the Superbowl this Sunday. We had a blast doing this. Thank you.”

Aw. We love you too, guys.

You can find the full reddit AMA with the men of Full Househere.

So, what’s next for the men of Full House? More standup comedy and Dannon Oikos commercials. They were mum on whether the rumored Full House reunion will actually happen.



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