From A Galaxy Far, Far Away: The Last Jedi Review (Spoiler Free)

The Last Jedi is dropping this week and all of pop culture is in a fervor, still having to wait a few days until they can see the final product for themselves.

Luckily, we got our hands on this Last Jedi review from IGN and it remains fairly spoiler free for the most part, so you can ensure if this series is still as stellar (used that word on purpose) as always or if it this saber’s starting to lose its shine.

Slight spoiler, it is not losing it’s shine. The movie is fantastic:

They gave this director his own three Star Wars movies for a reason.

I guess I will see all you fellow geeks at midnight on Thursday. I won’t be hard to miss. I will be the one person kicked out for cosplaying as a Star Trek character.

God, I am SO edgy!



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