The Internet Is Drooling Over This YouTube Duo’s Traditional And Primitive Cooking Techniques

Photo by Almazan Kitchen

There are already lots of cooking channels out there in YouTube and other social media. Surely one more couldn’t hurt, right? Like teardrops in the ocean? Well, two dudes from Serbia beg to differ with their cooking techniques, and that makes their channel truly unique.

Photo by Highways Today

Their channel is called the Almazan Kitchen and their novelty lies in being traditional, using open fire pits. On the more extreme end of the spectrum, they even practice some good old-fashioned cooking techniques using rocks. Now that is something even Gordon Ramsay would find hard now, wouldn’t he? These two Serbian chefs do it often and do it well, sometimes medium rare too.

Photo by knowyourmeme

Check out one of their steak videos below, cooked using a large flat stone.

Their steaks are high indeed, in temperature. There is also something tranquil about the way these two guys cook since they do it in nature. One could argue that that place is the only kitchen man will ever need, of course, if he’s willing to share that with other wild animals. Speaking of wild animals, the two Serbian chefs have even done something as daring as steal from a bear!

Seriously, these two should like, apply for a Michelin star or two, their cooking and videos are some of the most mouth-watering in YouTube. Those zoom-ins definitely add to the flair and presentation. As for primitive cooking techniques, here is their primitive barbecue below, one of their latest videos!

Now for the next step after watching their videos, you have two options. Go to Serbia and apply for citizenship there, then look for these two and live with them for the food. Or, check out their website for recipes and try them out yourself!

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