The Impact of Employee Experience on Customer Service Experience

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You’ve been hearing that if your customers are satisfied with the smooth customer service they receive from your team, then your business will be successful. That is true, I admit. But who is really behind your customers feeling satisfied with the services provided by your company? It’s your team who is the representative of your brand and has to deal with the customers on a regular basis. If you want to ensure that your customers are happy, your team of employees also needs to be happy. This article will discuss how employee experiences will lead to successful customer service experiences.

Customer Service – How does it work?

Customer Service experience refers to customers’ holistic experience with any business or brand. Customers have interaction with brand representatives about any query regarding the products or services that they are interested in.

For instance, customers of Xfinity internet services can dial the Xfinity Customer Service phone number and inquire about any queries regarding Xfinity internet services such as internet plans, pricing, availability, installation, cancellation, etc.

Similarly, the customer service reps of Xfinity, employees who have knowledge about the products and services, help these customers resolve their issues and make the most of their customer service experience.

Benefits of Employee Experience to Organization

If your employees are not satisfied and engaged at work, then the customer experiences will suffer. Following are some of the benefits your company can avail when your employees are prioritized the way they deserve to be;

  • Stronger Alignment. When employees are focused on the company’s goals, they are very likely to contribute to its achievements.
  • Satisfying Customer Experiences. It can also lead to an increase in customer satisfaction. Happy employees create delightful experiences for your customers when they are invested in the company’s products or services.
  • Improved Customer Relations. When your employees answer queries of your customers in a timely and professional manner, it can help to build rapport among your existing and potential customers. Customers trust when your employees seem devoted to their queries, hence resulting in positive experiences with potential leads.
  • When employees feel that their needs are heard and supported, they are more inclined towards effectively carrying out the job. It can also lead to enhanced productivity level, and, in turn, automatically enhances customer experiences.
  • This is also one of the ways to boost employee experiences. Companies should reward their employees and provide them the chance to excel professionally. When your employees feel that the company’s behavior towards their needs is satisfactory, they are very less likely to switch their jobs. It can guarantee a higher retention rate as well.
  • Excellent Internal Collaboration. Along with good customer interactions, your company will also experience excellent internal collaborations between employees. When everyone is focused on the company’s goals, it gets easier for employees from different departments to get together and collaborate. There are fewer disagreements and fewer roadblocks.

Improving Employee Experience

Companies often mistake that a timely paycheck will guarantee employees’ motivation and productivity towards their sales and success. Although the paychecks may be what employees need to stay at the job that is not the only thing that will keep them happy and productive.

There is a survey by Gallup which shows that companies that have satisfied employees focus on fulfilling the employees’’ expectations, providing them an incentive, providing them the right tools to get their job done, promoting positive work culture, and many more factors that can keep the employee stay productive in their jobs.

Following are some of the things you need to keep in mind for your employees’ excellence in carrying out impressive customer service and other company’s goals;

  • Proper training to employees about their jobs responsibilities
  • Meaningful employees development
  • Rewarding good behavior
  • Rewarding excellent work ethics
  • Monetary/non-monetary reward for employees’ dedication
  • Making the employees feel valued
  • Trustful work culture
  • Culture of inclusion
  • Collaborative environment

Benefits of Employee Experience to Organization

If your employees are not satisfied and engaged at work, then the customer experiences will suffer. Hence, Salesforce at VentureDive ensures a collaborative approach on their CRM platform that engages employees from different departments. It further creates transparency among teams which promises a better customer experience altogether.

Wrapping Up

In summary, what we can take away from here is that there is a strong relationship between employee experience and customer experience. If your employees are happy, it will reflect in the customer experiences. Whether your customer has a positive relationship with your company or negative, your employees are always in the equation. Nowadays, it has become more important for businesses to focus on customer experiences because the same customers can influence your company’s reputation and sales. The only thing that can save your company’s customer service reputation from going down the drain is your employees.


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