The Good, the Bad and the Strange of Halloween Costumes

With only three weeks left until Halloween, now is high time to start thinking about your costume options. A successful costume has to toe a very specific line between looking good and looking Halloween appropriate — it’s not as easy as throwing a pair of a fangs in your mouth and making a cape out of a trash bag.

We now live in the age of social media, and as such your costume isn’t just something for you and your friends to see. People love to post their creations on networks like Twitter and Instagram, and they even like having contests; whether or not the quality of said creation stands up. Here are a selection of the best, the worst and the weirdest Halloween costumes to help you decide what you want — and what you don’t want — from this year’s costume.

The Good

There are many ways that a Halloween costume can turn out well. It could be a fresh, timely idea that no one else has thought of, or it could be a classic executed perfectly. For all the ways that you can get a costume wrong, there’s certainly plenty of ways for you to get it right.

This is a perfect example of the former. Who doesn’t like a costume that’s basically a walking pun? It’s all about what’s going to be fresh this year though, and the possibilities are near endless. The continuing adventures of Shia Labeouf, however, might be a good shout.

However, you shouldn’t let yourself feel restricted by current events. A great costume will always be great if it’s done well, and it might even have some fringe benefits to go along with it.

The Bad

One of the big movies of the summer was the latest adaptation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but long before its released we caught a glimpse of its turtles through a leaked image of a terrible Halloween costume.

Like the example above, store-bought Halloween costumes can often be bad because they look mass-produced and lazy. The other way that Halloween costumes can turn out wrong is a misjudged level of appropriateness, something more commonly found in home-made creations — but as you can see below, not always.

The Strange

We’ve all been at a Halloween party and thought, ‘what were you thinking?’ The problem with the holiday is that the limits on what is and isn’t an appropriate costume have grown more and more all-encompassing, leaving us with a situation where anything can happen. Some can use this to their advantage and hit the mark; some leave us with something terrifying for all the wrong reasons.

This is a prime example. The really scary part of this costume (if you can call it that) is thinking about the thought process behind it. The same goes for this charming father-and-child pair.

Presumably the child’s size cigarette box outfit isn’t something you can buy in a store, but it does look very well-made. However, weird isn’t always a bad thing — the idea behind the costume below is undeniably weird, but it’s results are really rather good.

Have you got your Halloween costume sorted already? Is it good? Bad? Weird? Let us know in the comments section below.

Magui Sandjou


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