The Day A Single Tweet Determined A Major Plot Point In A Movie

Movie Weapon Inspired by Twitter Tweet

Twitter is a Hollywood think tank of sorts. You might recall that the TV show Sh*t My Dad Says was conceptualized via the micro-blogging network and various Twitter feeds have been turned into books. Now a single tweet has managed to inspire a major plot point in the new Robert Rodriguez movie Two Scoops.

The film director was attempting to come up with a cool weapon for his film when he took to Twitter and asked for help.

Rodriguez was looking for a weapon, asked for photos of villainous monsters, and even allows fans to submit pictures of themselves which were used in missing people posters.

Ultimately Robert Rodriguez went with a fans “electrified yo-yo” weapon.

Watch the clip above and you can see the fans suggestion being utilized at the 7:35 mark.

In the meantime here is the tweet that spurn the weapons ultimate conception:

When asked why he would receive help from fans Rodriguez commented:

“I love not being in control of everything; I think that’s where the magic comes from,” Rodriguez said.

What do you think about a major movie plot point being decided by fans?

Kim LaCapria

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