The Best Of Social Media In 2012 [Infographic]

State of Social Media 2012

The biggest social media stories of 2012 attracted attention from millions of internet users and the team at The SEO Company has collected the biggest stories into a single infographic.

From Pinterest turning into a powerhouse social media platform to Facebook facing an up and down and up again year on the NASDAQ exchange, social media has led the way towards a new internet and its done so with a huge splash.

With 121 billion minutes logged on social media based websites and mobile platforms it takes a lot to make the 2012 list and that’s just in the United States. From picture sharing to video viewing to traditional text posts, the list of popular account types and platforms varied greatly over the last year.

Here is the official “The State of Social Media 2012,” infographic which showcases the top accounts of 2012 along with some massively impressive social media stats:

Biggest Social Media Moments Of 2012



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