The 5 Coolest Photos From #Snowmageddon2015

With snowfall pummeling the northeast, there’s really only one thing that people can do: Share photos on Twitter.

Twitter has been lighting up with #Snowmageddon2015 photos all day. And judging by the forecast, we should see quite a few more this week. writes: “Millions of people in the Northeast are bracing for Winter Storm Juno, which threatens to become a major snowstorm today through Wednesday with the potential for blizzard conditions and more than 2 feet of snow.”

The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning from the New Jersey shore all the way to Downeast Maine. More than 28 million people live in the effected zone. With snowfalls expected to exceed two feet in some areas, the NWS is advising people to avoid traveling.

You can read more about Winter Storm Juno here. But here’s the gist of the forecast.

Of course, people with cats shouldn’t be that concerned about getting snowed in. According to Victoria Justice, all cats will help shovel the snow after the storm passes.

But even if all the cats in New York picked up a shovel and helped clear the snow, it’s still likely that #Snowmageddon2015 will bring life in the northeast to a halt for a few days.

Kokou Adzo

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