The 10 Youngest Murderers of all Time

When you think about mass murderers and people who murder other people, your mind rarely stops on children. You just don’t think of children in that sense, because kids are supposed be the last pure things on the earth. That is what makes the following cases of the youngest murderers of all time even more disturbing. These were not adults who grew through tough lives and slowly hardened. In many of the following situations, this one, jarring question begins to ask itself over and over in your head as you watch this:

Where these kids BORN bad? Is that possible. In some of these cases, it seems so.

In many ways, there is not a single idea on this earth as scary. If we can, indeed, be born bad, than no one is safe. No one.


Plus, add to that the ease in which anyone now a days can get weapons, and you realize, better raise your kids right or they could kick in your door one night and become the next entry on the next version of this list!

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