The 10 Year Challenge: The White House Version

Politics 10 Year Challenge

The 10 year challenge has taken over Facebook, and while most people are cringing over how they’ve changed over the years, our country isn’t exactly proving to be aging gracefully either. While we’ve been able to conquer dozens of important issues over the last year or two, 2009 certainly offered Americans peace of mind that will take a while for us to regain. Check out the 10 year challenge: the White House version.

Dining In The White House

Politics 10 Year Challenge

The State Dining Room in the White House was once the host of black-tie affairs and formal meals worthy of Abe Lincoln’s stoic glare. Now, however, the clown in charge has tarnished its reputation by hosting an event where hamberders” and french fries from every fast food joint within five miles of the White House were served. Not only was this meal unsuitable for the college athletes, but it was likely a slap in the face for his guests who’d traveled by plane for the event. Trump should have saved everyone from wasting their time and mailed out McDonald’s coupons instead.

Trump’s Classy Lifestyle

Politics 10 Year Challenge

There’s no doubt that Trump’s presidential term has been an enormous cock-block to the man who was rarely seen without a gaggle of women by his side. It’s hard to get away with rape and sexual assault when you’re the President of the United States, but not impossible as we now all know. If Trump manages to weasle his way out of a prison sentence, he’ll likely go back to his whoring ways once his term is up.

Trump And His Walls



Not only did Trump not know how to use Twitter back in 2009, but he seems to have been making plans for his wall for much longer than any of us knew. We all know you’re not a wallflower, Trump. That would require you to have actual human emotions. He seems to be hanging on to the idea of a border wall pretty tight for someone who doesn’t cling to walls though. How many Americans have to suffer before he finally agrees to a compramise?

Family Values

Politics 10 Year Challenge

The Obamas embodied the ideal image of American family values. Regardless of his busy schedule, Barack always made time to spend with his wife and children. Barack and Michelle are serious #RelationshipGoals, while Melania and Donald don’t even share a bedroom. The Trump family’s dynamic couldn’t be further from what is considered the norm in America. With children from three different women who all grew up in the spotlight and are used to living in a life of luxury, it’s safe to say that their family isn’t exactly relatable.

Trump’s Marriage

Politics 10 Year Challenge

Trump and Melania may have had a happy marriage once upon a time, but these days their relationship is rocky at best. Hardly one to stay faithful in any of his marriages, Melania should have expected to learn that her husband had strayed numerous times since their nuptials. While the discovery of Clinton’s affair with the infamous Monica Lewinsky was enough to get him impeached, it seems like Trump has some kind of super powers that help him dodge the same fait over and over. Either that or he has some serious dirt on some very powerful people.

A Clown Was Promoted

Back in 2009, clowns could only be found at birthday parties and at the circus. Now, we have a clown working in the White House, sitting in the Oval Office making decisions that affect the lives of millions of Americans. We could blame this on the lack of jobs available to clowns after proof surfaced of animal abuse in the circus, or we can blame the American citizens who chose to vote a clown into office. Either way, the White House now offers Big Macs and 10 piece chicken nuggets on their lunch menu. Dessert options include individual baked apple pies and the famous McFlurry, however, chances are unlikely that the McFlurry machiene is working at the moment.

Brains vs. Brawn

Politics 10 Year Challenge

Obama’s friendship with Joe Biden was a bromance that Trump and Mike Pence have failed to replicate. It’s obvious that they try, sometimes a bit too hard, but Trump’s ego will never allow him to get to a friendship level worthy of being compared to Obama and Biden’s. If this was a sitcom, Obama and Biden would be the happy-go-lucky comedic duo that the show follows while Trump and Pence would be the arrogant bullies who make an appearance for an episode or two before they’re run out of town by simply being outwitted. It’s your typical brains vs. brawn episode.

Feminism Takes The Lead

Politics 10 Year Challenge

While Trump’s presidential term has resulted in very few positive attributions to our country thus far, he is partially responsible for the current women’s movement that has significantly changed the dynamic between men and women in our country. If Trump wasn’t such a pig claiming he could go around grabbing women by their vaginas, then perhaps so many women wouldn’t have been inspired to come forward about him sexually assaulting them. This became a major contribution to the #MeToo movement, as a large majority of the women who spoke out were victims of either Trump or Harvey Weinstein. Women are empowered and are making major strides toward equality, and we have Trump and other perverted men with power to thank for that.

Climate Change

The current president may think climate change is a hoax, but animals who are suffering would likely beg to differ. Humans may not be on the endangered species list just yet, but wouldn’t it be nice if we made sure we never were? We might need to at least make an attempt to sustain the Earth to ensure that doesn’t happen though.

Federal Minimum Wage

Politics 10 Year Challenge

Minimum wage hasn’t increased in ten years, making this the most despicable example of the 10 year challenge. Some states have set a higher minimum wage which overrides the Federal decision, but let’s get real. There is a zero percent chance that the cost of living hasn’t increased over the past decade. Minimum wage should be equivalent to the minimum cost of living in each state. Period.

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