These Thanksgiving Memes are Great Conversation Starters For Friends and Family

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and so are Thanksgiving memes. Like always, Thanksgiving memes are great conversation starters for either friends or family. Even though the same ones are shared year after year, people still enjoy them just the same. Everyone is a bit nervous about awkward conversations with friends and family you haven’t seen since COVID. And,  we all just know that there is going to be someone in the family or friend group who is an anti-vaxxer, COVID-denier Karen. Though we love them to bits, we just want to be able to avoid any awkward conversation that we might regret later on.

Thankfully, Thanksgiving memes are here to save us all. Let us all say our thanks for Thanksgiving memes that are true social savers.

It’s always the best time for memes

Thankful for being the only dog this year

We got to love a good slice of pumpkin pie

Why, just why, universe?

Is this why Thanksgiving is more expensive this year?

I also dream of sliding down some delicious turkey gravy waterfall

Turkey, mashed potatoes, and deviled eggs = food coma

Time to bring out our Thanksgiving stretchy pants

Touche, Karen

We all know just how true this is

What in the world is this?

Funnier than it’s supposed to be

Happens to all of us

With lots of turkey in our tummies

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