Teens Are Flocking To Twitter, Study Claims

Twitter favored by Teens

If you’re a teenager and you are in the market for a new social network to join there is a good chance you’ll choose Twitter.

A new study by the team at the Pew Research Center suggests that teens are abandoning Facebook in favor of micro-blogging.

According to the survey more than half of teens are now tweeting. One of the number one reasons for the shift? Parents haven’t caught on to Twitter and therefore are not busily spying on their kids activities.

In the survey 25 percent of teens said they kept their tweets private, an obvious attempt to avoid drama with their parental units.

While 94 percent of respondents admitted to using Facebook analysts believe they don’t find it as useful. One expert tells CNET that kids don’t need Facebook because they talk at school. In the meantime parents use Facebook as a type of class reunion in which they can connect to long-lost friends.

Twitter also fits the conversation of the teen sector. Teens like to use Snapchat and group chatting to communicate with friends. Check out the typical 17-year-olds Twitter conversations and the platform is basically being used as a giant group SMS chat.

Is Twitter the answer to teens worries about parental spying? Probably only until mom and dad catch on and start spying more openly on their child’s tweets.



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  1. I never really understood all the hype of twitter to me its confusing. Don't get me wrong I think its a great idea but I never could get into it.

  2. Although social media has it's good parts, I think too much is a bad thing. Teens are not learning to communicate properly when the only interaction they have is over the web….

  3. My husband teaches high school and he even has a twitter account for his classes and the students can tweet for extra credit and other things. Pretty cool!

  4. I don't think that they should always be looking for a new place to avoid their parents; and if I were a parent that would worry me a bit; but I too don't see the big hype in Twitter.