Teenager Performs Impossible Guitar Solo [Video]

Guitar Solo

Dragon Force’s Through The Fire And The Flames is nearly impossible to play on Guitar Hero, much less with a real guitar. One teenage girl puts all of us to shame and slays the intense guitar solo with her Endorsé Vigier, French guitar. It’s the video you gotta see.

At only 15 years old, Tina S. has proven her musical abilities. The video was uploaded to Tina’s YouTube channel just yesterday, but already has more than 700,000 views. Her proud music teacher, Renaud Louis-Servais filmed the video.

The video is getting rave reviews on social media, alone with Tina’s other videos. The young girl has covered Van Halen, Pink Floyd and many others and most of her videos have more than two million views.

Her slaying of such an epic guitar solo is being featured by many websites, such as Metal Injection.

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