Tea Party Republican Goes On Epic Sexist Rant Against Wendy Davis

Todd Kincannon Twitter Rant

Todd Kincannon, the former executive director of South Carolina’s Republican Party and current tea party activist has gone on an epic sexist rant against state Senator Wendy Davis.

The Twitter rant occurred last week and since that time his Twitter account has been suspended. While we don’t have the embeddable tweets, we do have the messages sent by Kincannon.

It shouldn’t surprise our readers to learn that the Tweets are a bit unhinged. In 2010 Kincannon was forced out of his GOP role and has now linked Davis to prostitution, drugs and Monica Lewinsky based on a report from the Dallas Morning News.

Because Wendy Davis reportedly lied about the age in which she divorced her first husband (at 21, not 19), the amount of time she lived in a mobile home, and the claim that she paid her own way through law school, Kincannon calls her a negligent parent for making her husband stay home with the children. GASP! A stay-at-home dad obviously means she is a bad parent!

Here are some of the cringe-worth tweets sent by Todd Kincannon:

Wendy Davis has done even more to damage modern feminism than Monica Lewinsky playing Human Humidor with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office.

— Todd Kincannon (@Todd__Kincannon) January 23, 2014

The best thing about the Wendy Davis fiasco is this: It proves that you can still call a whore a whore. Feminazis ain’t won yet, my friends.

— Todd Kincannon (@Todd__Kincannon) January 23, 2014

Wendy Davis stimulates the kneepad economy. And a lot of penises. RT @Shadowboxer50 I wonder how many knee pads she went through at Harvard?

— Todd Kincannon (@Todd__Kincannon) January 23, 2014

Wendy Davis has solved America’s student loan crisis! Just find a dumbass to pay off your loans in exchange for sex. #Hookernomics

— Todd Kincannon (@Todd__Kincannon) January 23, 2014

LOL! You know there ain’t no such thing. RT @Whatwesettlefor The real prize would be pictures of her raising her kids.

— Todd Kincannon (@Todd__Kincannon) January 23, 2014

BREAKING: Wendy Davis makes emergency phone call to Bill Clinton: “Bill, is your humidor running?”

— Todd Kincannon (@Todd__Kincannon) January 23, 2014

“In other news, Wendy Davis took a short break from blowing ‘campaign contributors’ today to condemn remarks made by Mike Huckabee…”

— Todd Kincannon (@Todd__Kincannon) January 23, 2014

Wendy Davis is a looker and a hooker. #DoubleDuty RT @CDaeda @bostonrandy She is a better looker than most running for office?

— Todd Kincannon (@Todd__Kincannon) January 23, 2014

LOL! Nobody has any respect for Wendy Davis. Not even Wendy Davis RT #lyricthompson REAL men have respect spineless bitches talk shit online

— Todd Kincannon (@Todd__Kincannon) January 26, 2014

Kinkannon spoke with HuffPost Live last year and said he puts up stupid childish tweets because he enjoys “watching people go nuts.”

So basically Todd Kincannon is a self admitted troll who likes to sound like a moron … because he is in fact, a real-life moron.



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