Suzanne Somers Casually Confronts Near-Nude Home Intruder While Streaming


Suzanne Somers confronted a nude home intruder who popped up in her Palm Springs, Calif. home while she was streaming a tutorial on makeup.

Friday evening, Somers, 74, was on Facebook Live when the bizarre incident took place. During the recording, she paused, and told Alan Hamel, her husband who was sitting by her, that she heard unusual noises in the house. While her spouse ensured, “It’s just a frog,” the spokesmodel/author/actress rotated to her left after hearing additional noise and witnessed the intruder, who stayed off-camera during their dialogue. In reports, the trespasser was depicted as “near-naked.”

According to reports, Somers was unruffled and spoke sedately to the intruder, who claimed he was “terrified’ of something. The interloper added: “I’m not even sure…there were ghosts following me.” The prowler told Somers his name was Aaron Carpenter and asked her if she had ever caught wind of who he was. He contended to have been led to the Somers’s residence by a pal. That triggered the intruder to assert he was “not a scary person whatsoever.” The actress explained to him that he “appeared to be a nice person,” however, he needed to vacate the premises.

The intruder suggested having brought the pair a “gift,” though both swiftly turned it down. Carpenter then remarked, “God bless you” prior to exiting the property. An unperturbed Somers then went on with her video. Authorities caught up with the intruder later and instructed him not to trespass on private property, however, no citation was given. From 1977 to 1984, Somers played Chrissy Snow on the popular show Three’s Company.


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