Victim Awoke To Find Male Intruder Sucking On His Toes


A 20-year-old man awoke Friday only to find a male intruder at the end of his bed sucking on his toes, accordant to a police report.

Detectives say the victim was asleep in his bedroom when the trespasser somehow slipped in the locked residence. When the victim woke up around 2:30 AM, his toes were in the mouth of the crawly stranger. “The victim asked the suspect what he was doing,” say police. Figuring that he was set to be robbed, the victim asserted that he didn’t have any funds. In turn, “The suspect told him he was there to suck toes.”

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The victim, who was by himself in the residence, then started swinging punches at the interloper, forcing him out of the domicile and into the yard. As the intruder was being propelled from the home, he “told the victim that he had a gun and then attempted to fondle the victim’s genital area.” Although, a “gun was never seen during the altercation,” noted police.

After striking the home invader in the face for “approximately 40 seconds,” the victim sprinted back inside the house and called 911. At this point, the intruder “punched out the glass” on the residence’s front window and then hopped atop the victim’s vehicle and trampled on the windshield until it shattered.

The violator, who was bloodied by blows thrown by the victim, fled before cops arrived and a “K-9 track” was unsuccessful in locating him. Police utilized DNA swabs to amass blood evidence stained on the victim. The offender, the victim told reporters, was an African-American male between the ages of 21 and 25 who was shaven bald and was roughly 160 pounds and 5’ 11” tall. The victim said that he injured his hands pounding on the intruder, who caused more than $1000 in damages to the automobile and residence.


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