Super Bowl XLVII: Examining The Social Reach Of Fans And Players

Super Bowl XLVII Social Media Stats

Super Bowl XLVII is just around the corner and just in time for the big event the team at Sysmos has put together an infographic that showcases the social reach of the NFL’s main event.

The Super Bowl is sure to bring out each teams biggest fanatics. For example, Twitter user @RavensHypeMan has mentioned his favorite team 1,392 times this season. Not to be outdone @del_aware_9er has mentioned his the San Francisco 49ers 1,548 times.

The Sysmos study also found that the San Francisco 49ers are favored by 79% of social respondents in terms of opinion, while the Ravens are higher in “share of voice” with a 77% reach.

The infographic also examines which Super Bowl players have the largest social presence and which hashtags to watch for during Super Bowl XLVII.

Look at the graphic below to find more information about the following topics:

• Which team has the most favorable/positive sentiment pre-Super Bowl

• Top beat reporters and bloggers to follow leading up to and during the game for the latest analysis, injury updates, team news, etc.

• Links to all relevant Super Bowl social sites

• Twitter handles for the top players

• Hashtags related to the game

Here is the full The Social Media Guide to Super Bowl 47 infographic:

SB47 Social Media Guide



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