Google+ Hangout On Air Debuts New Science Series For Kids

Google Science Fair

Google’s Science Fair team has launched a new Google+ Hangout On Air series that teaches kids about the wonderful world of science, while encouraging those youngsters to start their own personal science projects.

The Science Fair project allows kids to work through real-world problems while competing for scholarships and other prizes. Those kids then connect through the company’s new Google+ Hangout On Air science series.

Google’s Sam Peter explains the new science project:

“Taking place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, these Hangouts will feature renowned scientists including inventor Dean Kamen and oceanographic explorer Fabien Cousteau, showcase exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of cutting-edge labs and science facilities, and provide access to judges and the Google Science Fair team. We hope these Google+ Hangouts will help inspire, mentor and support students throughout the competition and beyond.”

The program is open to students 13 through 18-years-old and runs through April 30. Google will eventually choose fifteen finalists who will be flown with their parents to the company’s headquarter in Mountain View, California.

Ultimately the Google+ community will decide which students takes home the Inspired Idea Award.

Google is looking for the next project that will change the world.



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