SumAll Social Metrics Helps Businesses Track Social Activity And Revenue Data

SumAll, a leading data visualization company, has launched an analytics tool called SumAll Social Metrics, which links a company’s Facebook fan page and Twitter account in order to help business owners track social activity against their web traffic and revenue. In short, SumAll Social Metrics shows you your return on social marketing.

SumAll’s social analytics tool is the first to provide transactional, social and web traffic in one SaaS environment: You can see all of your social tracking and revenue data on a single dashboard.

SumAll Social Metrics

“It’s all about having access to all your data side by side so social marketers can see the clear links between fans and followers, your website traffic and sales data,” says Dane Atkinson, SumAll’s CEO. “The new Social Metrics tool lets SumAll users see if their social traffic converts to new users and new revenue by tracking data interactions, which they can then use to make actionable insights and more profitable decisions.”

For example: Let’s consider Diamond Candles, a company that boasts almost 250,000 “likes” on Facebook. Diamond Candles uses Social Metrics, and estimates that each engagement on the social network was worth 1 cent, while advocacy is valued at $1.07.

“We can cross reference customer traffic from Google Analytics and engagement activity on Facebook and gross receipts for a host of valuable insights that it doesn’t take a PHD in excel to be able to discover” said Justin Winter, Diamond Candles CEO and SumAll customer.

SumAll’s Social Metrics combines your entire social history, updating it in real-time. You have a variety of tools as your disposal with SumAll’s Social Metrics, including customized comparison of social data, geographic/demographic filtering, and social actions like page views and content clicks.

“SumAll was created to democratize data. We had a vision to make data beautiful, affordable and accessible for all” says Atkinson. “For too long powerful business intelligence tools have been costly, hard to integrate and require training to use. SumAll changes all that.”

Basically, get SumAll’s real-time data dashboard, and it’s like hiring your own social analysis team.

You can integrate Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, eBay, PayPal, Shopify, Big Commerce, and Magneto all in one dashboard. SumAll Social Metrics is available on Web browser, tablet, and mobile phone.

To check out SumAll’s Social Metrics analytics tool, go to

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