Student Startups: Why College Is the Perfect time To Launch a Business

College is a time of opportunity. You get the chance to meet new friends, continue your education, and start to build your career. Odds are, the things you learn in college are things that you will carry with you for a lot of your adult life.

So, when you have an idea for a startup, there really isn’t a better time to put plans into motion than when you are in college. In this article, we are going to look at why college is the perfect time to give your entrepreneurial ideas a chance to shine.

Plenty of Resources

When you are in college, you have plenty of resources available to you. For most college students, this is usually thought of in the sense of directly helping your academic life. For example, advisors are there to help you plan your classes and tutoring services are there to offer aid with assignments and give college essay help.

However, when you are in college, you also have the resources to test out new ideas. The best example of this, actually, is in the professors that you know. After all, a professor is an expert in their field, so if you have a new business idea, it can really help to run it by an expert before you put your plans into motion.

College Is Great For Networking

Chances are, your college experience has included an event or two made to help you meet both students and professionals in your line of study. While this serves as a great way to meet similar people, the real purpose is to these is to give you the chance to make professional connections.

What is important to remember, though, is that networking isn’t just a face-to-face affair anymore. With the rise of social media, it is much easier to make connections so be sure to take advantage of that.

You Have the Aid of Your Peers

While you are in college, there is a great opportunity in the diversity of your peers. When you have an idea for a startup, there’s a good chance that you know plenty of other students who have the knowledge and interest to help you out. For example, working with a marketing major would save you some money in comparison to hiring someone to help you create marketing plans.

There Are Funding Options

When thinking of college, many people think of long nights studying with a cup of ramen. What they don’t usually think of is a college student with enough – if any – money lying around to start a business with. As we mentioned before, though, what college students do have is resources and if these resources are utilized properly, college students have an opportunity that other small business owners do not.

For a student starting a business, funding can be a little easier to come by than if you start a business later on in life. This is because there are certain types of financial opportunities that are tailored for student entrepreneurs. Organizations like the Young Presidents’ Organization and the Young Entrepreneur Council are great resources to check out.

Time is Money

No matter the industry, building a small business from the ground up takes time. It can take months or even years before the startup is able to provide the money necessary to keep you afloat financially. This can be limiting for people who wait until after graduating to start a business. After college, the amount of responsibility goes up, and it becomes crucial that you have a steady job. Starting a business while in college gives you the flexibility to grow your business before you are in a position where you need to be getting a steady paycheck.

You Have Control Over Your Career

While many are comfortable getting a degree and plunging into the workforce, others feel a need to have a greater sense of control over where their career will take them. A startup allows you to be in control of where your life is headed, assuming you have the responsibility to handle the reigns. Starting a business allows you the opportunity to decide where you want to move,

Real World Experience is Invaluable

A college degree is important for later success, but it’s not the only thing that a future employer wants to see on a resume. Interviewers are going to want to meet well-rounded candidates with skills and experience outside of their degree. Starting a business while in college allows you to implement the material you learn in lectures while getting real-world experience at the same time. You’ll blow the interviewers away with a stellar resume that shows you have the experience to succeed at any task you set your mind on.


There are plenty of reasons to give your startup a try when you are in college. First of all, you have the resources that you need to succeed. From funding to professional advice, there are plenty of open doors for you to walk through.

Even your fellow students can help you out! For one, many college students find that they can create something great when they work together, combining their knowledge and skills. In addition, other students are a great way to get feedback on your business and gaining a customer base on campus can be a great way to get your startup started.


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