Pictures Surface Showing 30-Year-Old Posing As 15-Year-Old Student


An investigation has uncovered a man of around 30 years of age posing as a 15-year-old high school student.

via Facebook; Fellow student puts the swindler on blast via social media

The suspiciousness of the staff at the high school were riled by the fact that the ‘student’ stood at over 6 feet tall and – had a full beard!

He didn’t appear like he was 15 – primarily because he is not, basically. The (grown ass) man has since been removed from the school after he was unmasked as plainly being too old for high school.

The phony was studying at Stoke High School in Ipswich, Suffolk, masquerading as a Year 2015 student until recently. The Home Office have not revealed how old he is, however he is sure as shooting over 18 and thereby an adult.

via Buzzfeed

“He looks way older than many of the teachers,” said a pupil at the school.

“It’s like someone’s dad has come into school. He’s got a big beard, while the other boys I know are struggling to grow little moustaches. He’s very tall, around 6ft I’d say. When I heard he was actually 30 years old I immediately told my mum.”

Of course, the fellow student’s mother complained to the school and the man – who is rumored to be an asylum seeker from Iran – was kicked out of the school.

via Movieclips; Ha, ha yes get your a** out grown man

“It’s nothing personal about him whatsoever. I feel this is a massive safeguarding issue,” said the pupil’s mum.

The man is presumed to have begun attending the school after unsuccessful attempts to find work.

Another boy – said to be his ‘younger brother’ – was too removed from his class, though confirmed to be a child.


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