Stone Cold Steve Austin Supports Gay Marriage, Social Media Shows Support

Steve Austin and Marriage Equality

WWE legend ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is a supporter of marriage equality. The legendary wrestler posted a podcast in support of equality in July 2013, a clip that has just now started to gain traction on YouTube.

Perhaps because Steve Austin is usually a foul-mouthed tough guy, nobody bothered to really watch his video until a few publications began to recently pick it up. Now the video is a top Facebook Trending topic, with publications all over the United States reporting on the video.

In his typical upbeat style Austin proclaims, “any human being in the got-damn world who wants to get married, if it’s the same sex, more power to ‘em”

He then proclaims:

“What also chaps my ass, some of these churches have the high horse that they get on and say, “We as a church do not believe in that.” Which one of these mother*ckers talked to God and God said that same-sex marriage was a no-can-do? Can you verify? Can you give me some background on that 411?”

The video, after being picked up, has began to generate new reactions around the social media world

[snd_embed title=”Stone Cold Support Gays Marriage For All” url=”″]

Facebook pages were quick to pick up this story and throw their support behind the famous wrestler.


[snd_embed title=”The hard hitting message resonates with fans” url=”″]

While his delivery is as brash as ever, it is that exact type of message that has resonated with WWE Fans who like his no-nonsense delivery style.


[snd_embed title=”Another Fan Reaction Supports His Podcast” url=”″]Fans on Twitter also stood behind the wrestlers decision to support marriage equality.[/snd_embed]
[snd_embed title=”An Attack Against The Church” url=”″] Others used the decision to attack “church hypocrisy” in our current day and age. [/snd_embed]

[snd_embed title=”Anything Can Happen” url=”″] If a big tough guy like ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin can support marriage equality, many Twitter users believe “anything can happen.”  [/snd_embed]

With such a big name in the wrestling world standing up for marriage equality, we are curious to see how the tied changes in the sports world in terms of gay acceptance among athletes.


James Kosur

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