StickPNG Offers ‘Best Creative Find Of The New Year’


StickPNG was basically an overnight success. From zero traffic in November 2016 to today’s more than 3,000 daily visitors, this unique online community offers something that no one else seems to do: free transparent PNGs.

From personal and non-commercial use, this unique site offers a graphic for almost every need. From emojis and icons to memes and everyday objects, the site has grown to offer more than 13,000 transparent PNG images.

StickPNG co-founder, Frédérick explains that the company may be seeing success, but they have no plans to slow down now.

“We’re currently working on the framework to translate StickPNG in multiple languages, starting with ES, FR, DE and RU. This will make it easier for everyone to search for specific images,” We’re currently working on the framework to translate StickPNG in multiple languages, starting with ES, FR, DE and RU,” Frédérick writes. “We will also add a creative canvas enabling our users to design vibrant visual compositions using cut outs from StickPNG.”


As we ventured over to check out the interesting site, we wanted to know what were the most popular images on StickPNG. Frédérick responded with the site’s top five images:

Youtube Subscribe button. Yes, people need that stuff to create a link from their website / blog and invite their followers to subscribe.

Donald Trump’s angry face. He is “popular”, probably not in the best way but he’s in the Top 5 of the images downloaded on StickPNG.

A plain cigar. Interesting… No rational explanation.

Deal With It Glasses. A must-have for all Meme lovers.

Gabe The Dog. We’ve been told this celebrity animal died a few weeks ago. RIP.

Frédérick also shared that he owes the site’s success to word of mouth. In fact, StickPNG has been featured by several reputable blogs and websites.

“We were Product Hunted in the early days. It was our first traffic spike. Then we were featured in a series of blogs, like Wwwhatsnew, Guidami, Le Blog du Modérateur, MaxiApple, GeeksRoom, WebDesignerNews, DansTaPub, ComputerHoy and many others.”


Have you checked out this amazing service? Let us know about your experience!

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