Sshowry Gyrates, Makes Fruit Juice, and Other Wacky Videos


Sshowry, without a doubt, is as cute as a button. She’s got a body to die for, and she knows her comedy like the back of her hand. She makes one mean fruit juice shake, as this video will attest.

Seriously, after watching this video, you’ll never go looking for another glass of juice again.

Told you so. Is your boner confused? Trust us, so are majority of her viewers’.

This zany South Korean girl has been taking over the social media streams, and her equally kooky videos have become the definition of awkward-sexy. Her unique brand of humor has been something of an unexpected dark horse lurking on Facebook dashboards, and we’re willing to bet our next sandwich you’ve seen at least one of her videos on one of your friends’ posts.

What kind of sandwich? This sandwich, of course:

Sshowry’s repertoire not only consists of crazy concept dancing and antics; her Youtube channel also is choc-ful of other episodal sitcom videos. Alas, our Korean language skills are next to non-existent, but with video titles such as “Although I Have A Big Penis, It Was Useless (Talk Show)” and “Things Only C Cup Can Do”, you can pretty much tell she doesn’t shy away from risque comedy.

But first, more awkward-sexy humor! Leave your hygiene issues at the door, because things are about to get real messy.

Here’s Sshowry, kicking it up with an ode to the hamburger:


She certainly knows how to “let it go”.


It takes an inordinate amount of bravado and dedication to bite into an onion and keep dancing the way she does.


She’ll just love you to pieces.


And lastly, she appreciates the finer points of destroying a perfectly splendid Panettone cake.

What a woman.


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