South Carolina Readies for Lizard Man During Eclipse

You did read that title correctly. Do not change the prescription of your glasses. As many people are already aware, there will be a visible solar eclipse on August 21’st in the mid-afternoon. Well, the Carolinas have some residents who believe in Lizard Men AND Bigfoot, and agencies are actually advising people on what to do in case they “emerge” during the eclipse, which is apparently a time when made-up-creatures come out to play.(?)

Again, this is an actual news story you can read here.

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division just released this document to its residents. Really, again, this is NOT AN ONION POST, THIS IS OUR REAL WORLD.

Now I am not sure if this graph is a mockery of the locals or is legit, but either way, I am just glad I do not live there, no offense if you do and lizard people are a big part of your everyday life. I just tend to believe in real things.

This is quite funny, though, truth be told.



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