Soda Stream Tastings Get Weird [Video]

Soda Stream
[Photo credit: Buzzfeed Video]

The soda stream soda maker is a popular kitchen device for adding fizz to your favorite drinks. What happens when you use it to carbonate random drinks, such as pickle juice or milk? Buzzfeed Video takes a hilarious look at what happens when you let two people loose with a soda stream.

The makers of the sodas went a little crazy. The tasting begins with carbonated 5 hour energy. The taste testers like it, not too crazy. Coconut water is next. The testers aren’t too crazy about this one. This is followed by iced coffee. The majority hate it, except for one guy who loves it and asks to drink his partner’s serving. That’s when things get weird. The testers are served carbonated milk and they can’t stomach it. For the finale, they are served carbonated pickle juice. The testers unanimously decide this is the grossest thing they have ever tasted. We can only assume they are right.

Buzzfeed video warns people not try this at home. Putting random liquids in your soda stream can cause unrepairable damage.



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