Social Media Tip #204: Never Insult A Drag Queen On Twitter

Amanda Bynes is not crazy

Amanda Byes learned one of the simplest rules of Twitter this weekend: Never start a Twitter war with a drag queen.

RuPaul probably would have let that slide. After all, Bynes is quite fond of the “ugly” insult and RuPaul probably has better things to worry about than the ramblings of a former Nickelodon star. But Bynes’ tweet came shortly after she used the word “faggot” in one of her Tweets.

That Tweet has been deleted but DListed managed to capture a screen shot.

amanda bynes

That didn’t sit well with RuPaul. The drag queen took to Twitter to give Bynes a lesson on civility.

Twitter lesson #277: Never insult a drag queen on Twitter.

Life lesson #12: Don’t use the word “faggot.”

Do you think Amanda Bynes learned her lesson?



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