Social Media Jobs for July 6, 2015

You know how it is. Your job, however fast-paced and exciting it may be, does fall into a routine. Often we forget the basics when we are dealing with Facebook faux paus or escaped Tweets. It doesn’t hurt to be reminded now and again of some of the essentials of our job. This infographic offers a quick but vital reminder of those day to day necessities social media managers shouldn’t neglect.

Here’s a fresh list of social media jobs for those looking to make a change. Have a great week!


Full Time

Social Media Coordinator for a lifestyle retailer

Social Media Manager for a financial company

Social Media Manager at

Assistant Editor, Blog & Social Media at Time Out America

PR & Social Media Manager for a consumer business

Social Media & Promotions Planner for a restaurant group

Social Media Coordinator for an online fashion retailer

Social Media Manager at PetsMart

Social Media Coordinator at Delivery Agent

Social Media Assistant at Footasylum

Public Relations & Social Media Manager at PipelineHC

Social Media Community Manager at Webster Bank

Digital & Social Media Marketing Professional at Barilla Group

Social Media Manager at Morgan & Morgan P.A.

Hooters Regional Social Media Manager at Attila Wings, LLC

Social Media & Content Specialist for an advertising firm

Social Media Manager at Communications Media, Inc


Part Time

Social Media Specialist/ Freelance Content at Eco-Cigs, Inc



Social Media & Marketing Coordinator at QTee

Social Media Manager – Instagram for an app



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