Social Media Horse Race: The Sprint For B2B And B2C Customers

Social Media Horse Race

Whether you are a business-to-business or business-to-consumer brand the need for a strong and reliable social media presence is growing. Facebook offers more than 1 billion customers, YouTube receives more than 800 million pageviews each month and even the relatively new Pinterest now has 40 million monthly active users.

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, with so many networks available the team at Brafton decided to examine how company’s are adapting to the social media horse race. For example, while 90% of B2C brands have jumped on the Facebook bandwagon, only 35% use Pinterest and 51% use LinkedIn. On the B2B side Facebook and Twitter have been adopted by 80% of brands while the business-centric LinkedIn network has been joined by 83% of business-to-business users.

The study also discovered that B2B and B2C brands use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for lead generation, although Facebook was the only social network to actually lose some of its B2C customers from 2011 through 2012.

In terms of generating sales in B2B and B2C both Pinterest and Google+ were big winners.

Check out the full Brafton survey below for more information about the social media horse race:



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