Social Media Growing More As Influential Source Of Traffic

Report of social media growth

According to Experian Marketing Services, a global provider of integrated consumer insight, data quality, cross-channel marketing, and targeting, new research suggests social media sites continue to play an important role in driving traffic to other sites.

An example would be ecommerce sites and even other social networks, but social media traffic typically comes at the expense of search engines.

Social media websites account for 7.72 percent of traffic for all retail websites, up from 6.59 percent in March of 2013. Pinterest is also providing the biggest percentage of downstream traffic to retail sites.

Although search is still the most dominate method of driving traffic, social media is closing the gap and becoming a more significant source of traffic on the Internet as consumers continue to use sites such as Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook as discovery platforms.

The report notes that more retailers are starting to direct their customers to their social media within their email marketing campaigns.

Nearly 96 percent of marketers have started promoting social media in their email campaigns, and Pinterest had the greatest year-over-year increase in 2013.

Consumers are visiting after going on Facebook, Pinterest, or YouTube more frequently than all other retail sites.

The top five sites that downstream from Facebook are Amazon, Walmart, Zulily, Target, and Beyond the Rack.

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