Social Media Explains who MyPillow Guy is and His Role in Trump’s Power Struggle

For anyone wondering who this MyPillow guy is, this article will tell you all about him and his role in Trump’s last struggle for power. It is almost second nature for the internet to find humor in many serious events in government. Could this be this generation’s way of coping? We don’t really know.

Let’s be honest, we have all seen a lot of crazy in Trump’s last few days as President. So crazy that it feels like we’re watching a comedy written by really bad writers. It all started serious and terrifying with a failed coup attempt and a second impeachment. Then, it turned borderline ridiculous. Rioters started crying after finding out they are now tagged as terrorists. Trump fired his lawyer. Now, he is using MyPillow guy as one of his testimonies for his so-called truth. It might still get crazier from here.

Trump was convinced there was election fraud

MyPillow CEO, Mike Lidell, supports Trump on this idea and even suggests “Martial Law”

He says he has 100% evidence that Dominion machines were stolen for fraud

Dominion is now threatening to sue him for his misinformation campaign

What is MyPillow Guy’s role in Trump’s power struggle?

There are claims that Trump uses MyPillow Guy as an “advisor”

It may be Trump’s last card to win back his Presidency

It is unclear if he can be sent to jail for spreading misinformation

America is now enjoying all the MyPillow guy memes all over the internet


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