Funny Twitter Reactions to Trump’s Second Impeachment

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Trump is the First American President who gets impeached for the second time. Trump’s second impeachment became a trending topic on Twitter after the terrifying terrorist attack on Capitol Hill on the 6th of January. Twitter is at it again, being flooded with memes and Twitter jokes surrounding Trump’s second impeachment trial. Americans are trying to find humor in this ridiculous and confusing time in the US government.

Here are some of the funniest Twitter reactions to Trump’s second impeachment:

Trump’s second impeachment still won’t suffice

Did try to impeach it, and consider it DONE!

One Term < Two Impeachments

What were they thinking, really?

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

If only we could…

Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Outfit

Well, it does look like something your 6-year-old would do at Day Care

We’re pretty sure there isn’t any voter fraud here

Maybe that’s why he’s so ‘mope-y’

Still, no taxes paid, last time we checked

We might find the West Wing empty after the move-out…eBay get ready

A lot of things can still happen in 13 minutes

Assistant to the impeachment manager

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