So Elan Gale Faked That Thanksgiving Note War

Thanksgiving Note War Was Fake

Remember that Thanksgiving note war between Elan Gale and a woman named Diane? Well, it was faked. Gale came clean with his fans on Monday night after the feud went viral, gaining the reality show producer more fans and controversy.

Gale painted a picture of an unruly woman in her 40s or 50s who was apparently wearing mom jeans and complaining about the flight being late. He mocked the woman, “Diane,” and even supposedly sent her a glass of wine to shut her up. The ruse escalated when Elan supposedly received responses back from the woman, telling him she would be speaking to the authorities when the plane landed.

Elan hasn’t explained, and likely won’t, who wrote the “Diane” letters, though we can assume either he did it, or he enlisted the help of a fellow traveler to hoodwink his fans (and several media outlets).

In the days after the note war, few people actually questioned whether Elan Gale’s note war truly happened. Instead, the focus was on whether Gale’s actions were appropriate given the situation. Someone (again, we presume Gale) even wrote a response claiming to be Diane’s cousin. The response explained that the woman was suffering from cancer and wanted to spend her last Thanksgiving with her family.

But it was all lies. On Monday night, Elan wrote to his followers:

He followed up with this:

For their part, Elan Gale’s fans certainly got a kick out of it, with some even parodying the notes. For the rest of us, it’s time to make sure we second-guess next time Elan, or someone else, posts a Thanksgiving (or other holiday) note war.

Melissa Stusinski
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