Man Live-Tweets In-Flight Feud With Woman In #7A

Thanksgiving In-Flight Feud

A man spent Thanksgiving live-tweeting his in-flight feud with the woman in #7A. The feud began when the flight was delayed around 11 am local time, then went into overdrive and ended with him being slapped and the woman, Diane … well, you’ll have to read on to see what happened to her.

Elan Gale, a producer for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, was responsible for the tweets, which he sent out to his 65,000 Twitter users, plus whoever tuned into his Twitter stream to watch the play-by-play.

The feud coverage began with this series of tweets:

After the plane finally took off, Elan, understandably annoyed with the woman, sent her the following note, along with a glass of wine:

Well, it didn’t work. A male flight attendant, who spent several minutes waiting on the woman, gave Gale two bottles of vodka, but wouldn’t hand them to the woman. According to Elan, he had to “do it myself.” So, he did.

It didn’t take long before he received a response for his behavior. Gale reported to his followers that the male flight attendant handed him a note from 7A.

He debated what to do next, lamented the “Diane apologists,” and eventually decided to write one more note. After debating the best method of delivery, Gale simply walked by and delivered it to her.

After the final note, the plane landed, and passengers, including Elan and “Diane,” disembarked. Then, this happened.

After boarding his connecting flight, Gale explained to his fans that he waited for the woman at the gate after he got off the plane, with the intention of handing her a final note. But, she walked up and slapped him in the face instead. The gate agent detained Diane and asked if Elan wanted to have the airport police come over. This was her response:

The note explained who Gale is and told her to look up the live-tweet and “read every response. And maybe next time you’ll be nice to people who are just trying to help.” After Thanksgiving festivities were done, Elan Gale took to Tumblr to explain his reason for antagonizing the woman in 7A.

While Gale’s frustration with the woman is certainly valid, we have to wonder if he may have taken the feud a little too far.

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