In Other News, It’s Snowing In the UK [Twitter Reacts]

Snowing in the UK

It’s snowing in the UK, and Twitter users in the UK just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Why yes, dear readers: it’s snowing right now all over the United Kingdom. In the middle of November. Last time we checked, snow wasn’t supposed to behave that way, and the tweets can prove that this year’s weather has decided to say otherwise.

The hashtag #uksnow has users sending their own snapshots and expressions of amazement. A number of news outfits have also taken to giving an almost blow-by-blow account of the wintry goings-on on distinct corners of the fair isles. Driving tips and safety reminders for vehicle owners have also become quite visible on the trending hashtag.

Snow has begun settling like a delicate dusting of sugar across south Scotland, the Midlands and Wales. It’s a definite sign of a cold, wintry weekend for the UK, the Met Office confirmed. Temperatures are set to reach the low-low count of  -5 C (23 F) in certain places. Officials still have to see if the cold will show signs of dropping any further. In the meantime, the tweets just keep coming in.

And of course, nothing goes quite as well with an early winter the way some dry British humor does.

It’s snowing in the UK, and people can’t seem to get over it. Let’s just hope it stays as gentle as it is for the rest of the winter season.


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