Sky To Let Twitter Users Watch Or Record Shows


You’re at your in-laws’ house. Your significant other promised you would be home by 9pm, the airing time of Game of Thrones in the U.K. and that you would get to watch it.

Your significant other lied. You come to this realization at around 8:45, while your father-in-law is halfway through telling you about his footie exploits from twenty years ago. He repeats his stories often. This is a long one, there is no way you are getting home in time to catch the happenings in Westeros.

Now, Sky television subscribers won’t have to worry, all they need is a Twitter account and some Sky compatible products.

Sky television is teaming up with Twitter to offer subscribers a way to watch or record shows, like Game of Thrones but also live sporting events and  Sky movies, right from their Twitter account.

Subscribers will see a tweet (presumably on their mobile device) with the hashtag #WatchOnSky. Embedded right in the tweet will be options to watch or record the promoted event. Clicking watch will bring up Sky’s Mobile streaming app Sky Go or Sky + and clicking record will set the user’s Sky set-top-box to record the show automatically.

Sky is also planning to pay Twitter to promote their tweets, so more users will see the #WatchOnSky tweets before their favorite show starts (and, I’m sure, Sky is hoping, it will convince those without one to purchase a Sky set top box).



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