Six Reasons to Buy a Health Insurance Policy In 2022

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Mediclaim insurance is an important part of our lives because it provides medical and financial protection against unforeseen events. However, many people are hesitant to invest in this due to high premiums and a lack of knowledge about its types and benefits. The pandemic has shown how vulnerable our health is and how high the cost of treatment is therefore, having a financial backup for our well-being is necessary. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 reasons for buying a mediclaim insurance in 2022.

1)       Protection against inflation

Medical expenses are always on the rise. In both the urban and the rural areas, medical treatment is getting more expensive with each passing day. At the same time, economic trends reveal that these costs will continue to increase by 8% annually. So how do you tackle inflation and keep your family financially sound and healthy?

You can protect yourself and your families against this inflation by purchasing a mediclaim insurance. You can claim benefits according to your insurance cover, no matter the expenses. Also, this cover can be increased in terms of the sum insured in time if the need arises.

2)     You can get specialized plans

Another reason to purchase a mediclaim insurance in 2022 is to find specialized policies for different needs. Different insurance companies provide different specialized plans. Care Health Insurance provides individual health plans to youngsters with no history of ailments at an affordable premium. Other specialized plans include maternity plans to cover expenses arising from pregnancy, plans for senior citizens, family floater plans for families, critical illness plans for treating critical illnesses, etc. You can choose and buy a plan that caters to your needs.


3)     Protection during this pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm for more than two years now. We have come from national lockdowns and an economy that has suffered the brunt and returned to normal yet again. However, the pandemic is still here. We live on, albeit with the protection of masks, sanitizers and social distancing. Therefore, a mediclaim insurance is an added protection against the pandemic. It allows you to be assured that you and your family will be financially secure and can avail the best medical treatment if you come in contact with the virus.


4)     Ease the financial burden and get rid of stress

Purchasing a mediclaim insurance will ease the financial burden that medical emergencies and treatments bring. You can enjoy benefits like coverage for pre and post-hospitalization expenses, cashless hospitalization, daycare treatment, AYUSH treatments, etc. The policy will cover all of these and more, which helps you get rid yourself of the stress from the financial liabilities of medical treatment.

5)     You can claim tax deductions

If you think that a health insurance policy only provides financial help for hospital-related expenses, you are yet to explore some new aspects of it. A mediclaim insurance also helps you save on the tax payable to the government. You can claim tax deductions that amount to Rs. 25,000 in most cases. However, if you have a policy covering a senior citizen, you will be eligible for more tax deductions.


6)     You can purchase it easily online

A major concern about purchasing mediclaim policy is that they have an intricate procedure. Thanks to the digital world, you can easily purchase a mediclaim policy online. All you have to do is visit the insurance company’s website and follow the simple procedure. You will get the policy papers in your email in no time and this process is super convenient.



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