Six-Legged Walking Robot Dubbed World’s Largest By Guinness (Video)


An engineer from Britain whose walking hexapod robot was certified as the world’s largest by Guinness World Records said Star Wars inspired him.

Mantis, the six-legged motorized robot; Photo: Tumblr

Guinness World Records announced the robot constructed by Matt Denton of Hampshire, England, is officially the world’s largest rideable hexapod robot — a mobile robot with six legs.

Denton’s robot, dubbed Mantis, can be functioned by a driver in its cockpit or via remote control, weighs in at 4,188 lbs and has a top speed of .6 mph.

Denton expressed the robot was inspired by the AT-AT robots he witnessed in the Star Wars movies as a child.

Photo: Gifbin

The movie didn’t just motivate Denton to break a world record, it influenced his career — he was part of the crew that brought BB-8 to life in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

“I walked out of the cinema going ‘machines that walk.’ I couldn’t believe it. That was pretty much it, that inspired me!” he informed Guinness officials.

The Mantis is a sight for sore eyes; Photo: WSLS

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To see the six-legged monstrosity, click HERE.


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