Shots Fired Outside Capitol Building [Live Updates]

Police at Capitol Building

Various news agencies are reporting that shots have been fired outside the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

We don’t have a lot of information at this time but several reports from Twitter suggest that a vehicle was surrounded and then opened fire.

Update: Below we have reported the situation as it unfolded. The Capitol Building shooting is believed to be the result of a female driver who attempted to run through the White House gates. According to several reports the female was driving with a child in the car.

The Capitol Building was put on lockdown after shots were fired and dozens of Capitol Hill police officers, some carrying machine guns, rushed to the scene of the crime.

Here is a live street of several tweets and photos that have arrived so far:

We will continue to follow this story as it breaks.

Update (1:45pm Central): The hacktivist group Anonymous through its @YourAnonNews account claims 13 shots were fired during the exchange:

At Least One Person Injured

Officer Pulls One Person To Safety

TVs At Capitol Building Urge Everyone To Take Cover

Capitol Building Shooting Live Updates (1:55pm Central):

Police were chasing a black car before the shooting occurred.

At least several dozen police cars are at the scene of the Capitol Building shooting:

Police are surrounding the Capitol Building. No official announces at this time:

Capitol police have announced a 3pm ET conference.

Update (2:03pm Central)

The New York Post is reporting that a police officer was injured during the Capitol Building shooting:

Some Twitter users have decided to attack members of Congress for their recent actions as many innocent people remain in hiding:

Police Patrolling the Capitol Building with Machine Guns

Capitol Building Shooting Reportedly Took Place Near Botanical Gardens

Point A on our Google Maps screen capture shows the White House Rose Garden and point B is where the shooting is reported to have occurred:

Shooter Attempted To RAM Barricade that protects gates At White House – Fled From Police

As shots were fired people walking around the Capitol were captured by camera as they dove to the ground:

Reports Suggest Female Suspect Had Child In Car

Several reports suggest that the child in the car was NOT harmed during the shooting.

Capitol Building Shooter Dead According to Bloomberg News

Breaking news reports cut through regularly scheduling programming to follow the Capitol Building Shooting:

Amid all the turmoil there are plenty of Internet trolls using a tragic event to attack ObamaCare. Here’s one of the more pathetic attacks we found:

Instagram user NewsWithNicole offers up this scene from the South side of the Capitol Building. The video was taken just as several innocent bystanders began to flee.

While we stray away from jokes during moments of tragedy this Twitter users comment was right on point:

The Capitol Building is no longer on lockdown which means the situation has likely been resolved to some end.

More details to following in the hours and days to come.

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