Sexy Halloween Costumes Could Help You Find Love

Halloween calls for costumes and candy — but most of us fun-loving adults see the costume part as one of the best ways to have fun and mingle. (Sure, candy is great, but eye candy? Just makes Life sweeter.) Costumes, the saying goes, are one of the best ways to let the inner You out for one night, at least until sunrise and coffees over hangovers.

To a lot of you out there, Halloween is also synonymous to the sexy/trashy costumes on demand, online. we have this morbid fascination about finding out what this year’s sexy costumes are, and bashing them willy-nilly. However, they actually might be helping some people find love on the dance floor.


The folks over at Zoosk, an online dating site, discovered that 71% of adult males would be most likely be interested in and approach a girl in a super-sexy costume, while only a piddling 5% would be interested in people going all out-spooky style on Halloween. Women, on the other hand, prefer a guy with a sense of humor: 51% responded that they’d be drawn to a guy in a funny or amusing costume.


Does this mean that guys will only be interested in what’s filling out that teeny-tiny, sexy Halloween costume? Maybe not quite: This survey found that 66% of the responders felt that Halloween was a good time to look for potential dating partners — not just people to hook-up with after the party. And it goes both ways: ladies who do feel good in their sexy costumes enjoy a boost in confidence, and it helps them approach that cute person in a Han Solo getup across the room. Finding them can be easy too. We found a site ranking the top picks so you can see what is trending at a glance.

So I guess at the end of the day, the only thing to remember when getting suited up for Halloween is: wear what you want, have fun, be kind, feel confident, and respect your other Halloween-costume enthusiasts. It’s all about having enjoying the moment, after all.

Image sources: IMG_7021 via photopin (license); KSOO; CrazyDog T-shirts
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